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Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common situation that chiropractors can treat. Due to the knee’s vulnerability, numerous problems can arise in the knee area which left untreated can develop into something more serious.

Knee pain is something that many people seek chiropractic care for as an alternative to orthopedic consultation. The chiropractor’s approach to knee pain includes an assessment for possible spinal or pelvic involvement in addition to knee dysfunction.

The knee is virtually unprotected from outside forces in everyday life, and is therefore vulnerable to the following which can result in knee pain.

1. Dashboard injuries

2. Impact injuries

3. Blows to the knee

4. Direct impact falls


If you overuse or don’t use your knee joint enough, soft tissue injuries resulting in knee pain can result. Some common reasons to visit a chiropractor’s office for knee pain include:

1. Athletes with anterior knee pain

2. Knee pain and stiffness in the elderly patient

3. Tenderness over the tibial tuberosity in young athletes

4. Knee instability


Most knee pain therapy involves a conservative approach, and will respond very well to a combination of non-invasive treatments like chiropractic adjustments, exercise that strengthen the muscles that support the knee, applying heat/cold packs and temporarily restraining from activities that exacerbate the knee pain.

Dr. Fullmer will perform an examination of the knee, including orthopedic, neurological, and possibly diagnostics to determine the exact cause of the pain. You will then get a specific treatment plan geared to your needs.

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