Low Back Pain

Sometimes you have to rethink your approach. Sometimes you have to commit to a project full force or it will not pan out. I mention this because as a former healthcare provider I believe it and I’ve seen halfhearted approaches whereas the patient expects miraculous results. I fractured my low back when I was ten years old and from that point out I have progressively lost function and have felt soreness and pain. It was just part of life for me, but I knew others did not live like this.

I have a Masters degree in Sports Medicine. I would think that I have a fairly decent grasp of spine rehab protocols, but I was never able to figure a way to “fix,” by back and thus far no one else has either. I may have prevented the decline, but I chalked up my scenario to maybe, “this is just as good as it gets?” This was a disappointment for someone my age (40) to see my active friends flourish in physical activity but to see myself start to deteriorate to the point of not being able to do the things I want and ending everyday with the urge to want to just lie down in a bed due to back aches and muscle spasm. I have always worked hard to keep fit but it could not correct the problems. I thought that I might be a cripple by the time I was 50 at this pace. What quality of life was left? I felt doomed.

Just by chance I ran across Dr. Fullmer and got into a conversation. I realized that his approach was different. I knew enough of the science, anatomy, and physiology to realize he was making sense. He proclaimed that rather than treat symptoms that will always come back (and in the past they have for me, they actually never left) let’s treat the whole overall problem. I have been a fan and also cautious of chiropractors. Some are good and probably some are just in business, but Dr. Fullmer has gone further than anyone I know in regards to my personal problem. I am about three months in to the treatment and I haven’t felt better than this in maybe 15 years! It is foreign to me to not have low back pain every day and I haven’t had nearly any for the last month or so. Things are taking time and effort and commitment is required, but I believe that we are “fixing,” the problem. I feel like I have my future back. I am not 100% yet, but I am closer than maybe since I was a kid.

I am actually an independent contractor and pay 100% out of pocket for all my healthcare. My insurance may help out, I’m waiting to see, but even if it doesn’t this may be the best money I ever spent. I could not wait any longer. To hell with the insurance company. I would rather be out some money and have a strong functional body than save a bit of money and be a physical piece of garbage. If you are having problems and want a quick fix-go to some other chiropractor that will crack you and send you on your way. But you know deep in your heart there isn’t always a quick fix. If your health is important to you, and I know it is, consider Dr. Fullmer. Another friend of mine that is in the same field locally vouched for Dr. Fullmer as well for knowing his stuff. Dr. Fullmer is a chiropractic/health nerd. This is a good thing and a compliment. You can tell he is zealous about keeping up on new science and techniques, you can tell that he continually studies and finds it fun and entertaining. I know a lot of healthcare pros that don’t keep up because it’s just a job. I wish you well if you are reading this and whatever you do: make a commitment to your health. Without care you might end up in a living hell of your own body.


Adam K.


I had suffered from acute pain, fatigue, low grade fevers, and loose bowel movements. Then my knees,arms, fingers,face and feet started swelling. As you can imagine, my quality of life was terrible. This illness had gone on for sixteen years. I lost many days confined to be, missed so many events with my family. Went to many Doctors, had many blood tests done.

Finally, I was diagnosed with lupus.

When I first was put on Prednisone, I felt like I came out of a coma. It was wonderful, but soon I started having bad side effects.

My husband contact Dr. Jason Fullmer. He got me immediately, went over my history and asks a lot of questions. He put me on a special care program just for immune diseases.

It’s been four weeks now and I can’t believe how wonderful I feel. I’m off Prednisone, without crashing, which is great. I’m having many more good days; I can enjoy my family now. I even went on vacation and played in the ocean. Before going to Dr. Fullmer, these simple little acts would place me on bed rest for a week.

I can’t thank Dr. Fullmer enough. If you are suffering from symptoms similar to mine, then I would hope you give Dr. Fullmer the opportunity to help you.


Vickie A. C.


Pain! That was my companion 24/7. My Fibromyalgia and consequential depression resulted in days when I wouldn’t even get out of bed, until I started treatments with Dr. Jason Fullmer. Through exercises, adjustments and focusing on balancing my left and right brain, my pain began to subside. Now I am pain free and my life has been given back to me. I highly recommend Dr. Jason Fullmer’s chiropractic services for anyone dealing with chronic pain.

Debra J. T.


I thought Parkinson’s would rule the rest of my life. The shaking and the pain were devastating and medicine had no effect. Our son and his wife both go to Jason Fuller. They made an appointment for me. I had two visits before coming home to Missouri.

Jason put me on a maintenance program that includes “Now” products. I am happy to report, the shaking and pain are nearly gone. These days, I seldom use a cane.

We will be back in Pennsylvania this winter for more treatments from Jason. Honestly, I fell my life would not have been worthwhile without Jason and “Now” products.


Martha C.